hey there! i'm stephanie

I am and always have been a maker.

I enjoy a variety of artistic mediums... photography, hand lettering, crochet, embroidery, pottery, painting, woodwork,

the list goes on! Thankfully the rollercoaster of life has led me to focus on the photography aspect of my abilities and I couldn't be more grateful for all the opportunities I've been given to

make beautiful art with wonderful people!

My recent focus was food and product photography.

Send me a brief description of what you do and what

you're looking for so I can help showcase your business!

I also thoroughly enjoy photographing people.

Whether it be the love of a newly engaged couple,

the fun dynamics of family members (animals encouraged),

or the personality and strength of an individual.

Please contact me with inquiries for

personal photography shoots!

I am now pleased to offer handmade gifts to you and yours!

I've fallen in love with making custom house portraits

and have other great things in the works,

so keep checking in as I keep striving for

more ways to brighten your world!




based in central virginia, usa

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